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The Art of Lighted Restroom Signages


Top-quality commercial establishments with restrooms that can only accommodate one user at a time can benefit significantly from using a door locked indicator for each of their male, female, and gender-neutral washrooms. 

At Heads Up Lock, we can provide you with the best quality restroom signage in Los Gatos, California. We can also help you plan and execute the installation of these signages. Moreover, we can provide maintenance services for the signages we offer and install.

Strategically placed lighted signages can promote restroom efficiency in coffee shops, coworking spaces, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. It will prevent long queues that will disrupt the flow and ambiance of your area from forming in front of your restrooms.

The room occupied alert light notifies customers of restroom occupancy, allowing them to engage in their hobbies, studies, work, or spend quality time with friends and loved ones without interruptions. There is no need to stand up and line up for long periods.

Regarding commercial signage in California, you should always work with service providers who can provide you with the best value for your money. Please don’t settle for the cheapest option or attempt it yourself. 

We have transformed restroom signage installation into an art form. We know how lighted signage systems installed correctly can provide the most significant positive impact for you and your establishment. Call us now at 1-408-966-4365 to inquire about our services and ask for a free quotation.

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