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Strategies to Prevent Infections in the Workplace


The recent COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of disease prevention strategies and cleanliness in business establishments. Strategies like social distancing were essential in helping reduce the spread of COVID-19, keeping both staff and customers healthy. Many businesses even installed restrooms with a room occupied alert or signage to help promote better social distancing in their establishments.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, here are a few strategies to help prevent infections in the workplace and promote better overall cleanliness, restroom efficiency, and more:

  • Encourage Regular Handwashing

    Washing hands with soap and water regularly is a great disease prevention strategy to implement in the workplace. Business owners can encourage regular handwashing by installing multiple wash basins. A restroom light indicator can also inform clients and staff when the bathroom is available for them to wash their hands, helping them maintain proper social distancing.

  • Properly Maintain and Clean Bathrooms

    Bathrooms have one of the highest foot traffic within a business or establishment. Keeping bathrooms clean at all times encourages better infection control and prevents the spread of any infections. Products like our restroom signage in Los Gatos, California, can inform clients and staff if the restrooms are currently occupied, being cleaned, and more.

  • Sanitize Frequently Touched Surfaces

    Contact transmission is one of the most common ways infections and illnesses spread. Sanitizing frequently touched surfaces like countertops and tables can help reduce the risk of infection for both staff and customers.

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