Do you know if your restroom is in use from a distance?

Increase your customer convenience and employee productivity

Happiness is not having to wait in line
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My daughter helping me with our 1st shipment to Facebook (May 2018)

Before The Heads Up Lock was a company, it was an idea. Not about a product or a market but about providing people with the power to take care of their basic needs when it comes to using the restroom. The Heads Up Lock was founded on the belief that given the information, every person can make their own choice whether it is time to go or not to go. Today, we help make this happen with an affordable light to let people know if the restroom is occupied from a distance. Our restroom signage combines people with technology to maximize workflow, promote social distancing, and provide convenience, efficiency, and productivity in business.

Today, The Heads Up Lock Co. is the recognized leader in restroom availability awareness for single stall restrooms.

Our Mission

We believe that office environments have enough anxieties of their own. It’s empowering to know one’s destiny. We reduce unnecessary distractions, especially in office and public environments. That’s why we designed a useful, simple, cost- effective tool to put the restroom decision in the hands of the user. We help create an experience that fosters a sense of relaxation and low stress.

Our quest is to increase awareness among restroom users by giving them a heads-up on accessibility using a restroom sign and light.

“What do we live for if not to make the world less difficult for each other?”

— George Eliot