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How Should Restroom Signage Be Best Used?


You already know why having comfort rooms is essential for any building. A safe, comfortable, and functional commercial restroom is required for any business that values its customers. But convenience is more than just having restrooms located conveniently near lobbies, entrance areas, or common spaces. To ensure easier access for visitors and occupants without requiring them to turn every corner looking for one, let’s talk about how to use restroom signage in Los Gatos, California.

Restroom efficiency includes doing any of the following best practices with your restroom signages in California:

  • Install restroom signage that is easily visible and recognizable from a distance. Use bold and contrasting colors to enhance visibility and ensure the signage stands out within the interior design.

  • Incorporate universally recognized symbols for male, female, and a gender neutral restroom sign. These symbols can transcend language barriers and aid visitors who may not understand the local language.

  • Use directional signage to guide users toward restrooms, especially in larger buildings with complex layouts. Indicate the route with arrows and written indications to avoid confusion.

  • Maintain consistent placement of restroom signage throughout the building. Place signs at eye level near entrances, corridors, or intersections to provide clear directions.

  • Also provide a door status indicator on restroom doors to cater to every individual’s utmost convenience. These features enable them to identify occupied toilets independently.

Remember to consult Heads Up Lock to ensure compliance with all requirements related to restroom design and commercial signage in California. Our products are ADA-certified and all made in the USA.

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