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Do you know if your restroom is in-use?

A simple light system that displays the availability of the restroom to people outside, even from a distance. If the light is red, it's occupied. If it is green, it's free. It's that simple. Eliminate the need of having to stand in front of the door and wait. Used for single stall restrooms, the kit includes everything a qualified handyman will need to install. Product is ADA certified and made in the USA.
Headsuplock signage can be seen from 300 feet away
Headsuplock asthethically useful for commercial offices


Restroom sign and light shows customers and guests if the restroom is occupied and eliminates unnecessary trips
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  • Light Quickly Alerts Customers If The Restroom Is Available From A Distance. Reduces Unnecessary And Embarrassing Trips.
  • Reduces Lines. Customers Can Gage Their Need-To-Go With A Quick Glance
  • Helps prevent the dangers of spreading disease by reducing lines and promoting social distancing.
  • Reduces Illicit Activity Such As Opiod And Drug Use.
  • Meets ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) Requirements.
  • Patented Design Allows Easy Kit Installation By A Qualified Handyman. Soldering Not Required. Simply Plug and Play.
  • Simple And Affordable Design Shows Your Commitment To Your Customers Comfort And Convenience.
  • Designed And Made In America.


headsuplock sign

Our Mission

It is empowering and incredibly liberating to know one's destiny. Especially when you gotta-go!

Our quest is to increase awareness to restroom users by giving them a heads-up on accessibility using a restroom sign and light.

"What do we live for if not to make the world less difficult for each other?"

How does it work? See it in action
Launch demo

Headsuplock wall mounted sign indicator for restaurants

Testimonial Review

"It is a useful system and the employees in that part of the building appreciate not having to walk the long hallway only to find the restrooms in use.."

Stephen Welch, VP - Tabor Community Services

"Your system works great. We have installed it in our R&D environment and will consider it for our next product installation."

Pete Gualfetti, Good2Go Secure Access Systems

"The restroom indicator light shows my customers when the restroom is occupied.
They love the added convenience."

Hugo Suarez - Manager, Blvd. Coffee
San Jose, CA

"Such an ingenious idea that should have been thought of long ago!"

Peter Visel – Owner of Seeword Technology

“Just FYI – we installed your device and it’s great. It’s everything you said it would be. Thank you so much.”

John MaCurdy – Keystone Management

Model Types

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Several configurations are available including Parent/Child kits and multiple restroom kits.

Standard Model


Complete Kit Only

Elegant Model

Elegant Model
Displays an eye pleasing alluvial fan on the wall.


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Ceiling Mount

Can be seen from both sides - hallway


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List of Components

  1. 1. Light Box Electronic Assembly with Selected Sign
  2. 2. Plun In Transformer Assembly with 50' of Wire
  3. 3. ADA Deadbolt Assembly With Smart Sensor
  4. 4. Strike Plate Assembly with 50' of Wire
  5. 5. All Hardware Required For Install

Here are a few examples of sign styles








This is just a partial list of signs. If you don't see the sign you want on this list, please contact seller - 408-966-4365. We will help you find the sign you need.

100% satisfaction guaranteed