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Do you know if your restroom is in use?
This restroom signage is a simple light system that displays the availability of the restroom to people outside, even from a distance. If the light is red, it’s occupied. If it is green, it’s free. It’s that simple. Eliminate the need to stand in front of the door and wait. Used for single-stall restrooms, the kit includes everything a qualified handyman will need to install. The product is ADA certified and made in the USA.

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Restroom sign and light show customers and guests if the restroom is occupied and eliminates unnecessary trips.

  • Light quickly alerts customers and employees if the restroom is available from a distance. Reduces unnecessary trips.
  • Increases workforce productivity. Reduces lines. Customers can gauge their need-to-go with a quick glance.
  • Helps prevent the dangers of spreading disease by promoting distancing.
  • Reduces illicit activity such as drug use.
  • Meets ADA requirements.
  • Easy kit installation by a qualified handyman. No soldering is required. Simply plug and play.
  • Once installed, there is no maintenance. If building power fails, it automatically resets itself.
  • Shows commitment to your employees’ comfort and convenience.
  • Made in America.

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