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Do you know if your restroom is in use?
This restroom signage is a simple light system that displays the availability of the restroom to people outside, even from a distance. If the light is red, it’s occupied. If it is green, it’s free. It’s that simple. Eliminate the need to stand in front of the door and wait. Used for single-stall restrooms, the kit includes everything a qualified handyman will need to install. The product is ADA certified and made in the USA.

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restroom sign for male and female

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Need to replace components? We’ve got you covered!

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We Are Committed Our Mission Statement

We believe that office environments have enough anxieties of their own. It’s empowering to know one’s destiny. We reduce unnecessary distractions, especially in office and public environments. That’s why we designed a useful, simple, cost- effective tool to put the restroom decision in the hands of the user. We help create an experience that fosters a sense of relaxation and low stress.

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