Heads Up Lock Company.

Heads Up Lock Company

Restroom sign and light shows customers & guests if the restroom is occupied and eliminates unnecessary trips. The added convenience reduces lines and having to wait outside the door.


“The restroom indicator light shows my customers when the restroom is occupied. They love the added convenience”.

— Hugo Suarez – Manager, Blvd. Coffee, San Jose CA

Choose standard or customize any sign style of your choice.


Restroom occupancy light lets single stall restrooms users know if the room is occupied.


  • The eye pleasing red & green light clearly shows whether your single stall restroom is occupied or vacant.
  • This patented and affordable device is hands free, low maintenance and can be installed by any qualified handyman.
  • It is specifically designed for decreasing traffic and increasing convenience. This includes coffee shops, restaurants, retirement homes, lobby’s, office buildings, hospitals, and warehouses to name a few.
  • Wall light can be seen from a distance, even in another room or different floor.
  • Standing in line is not beneficial to customers or employees. They will spend less time waiting in lines and more time purchasing your product or getting work done.



Light quickly alerts customers if the restroom is open from any viewpoint.


Reduces lines.  Customers can gage their need-to-go with a quick glance.


Reduces unnecessary trips to the restroom and eliminates the guesswork.


Patented design allows easy kit installation by a qualified handyman.


Simple and affordable design shows your commitment to your customers comfort and convenience.

List of Components

Wired version – For distances less than 50 ft. (deadbolt to light).
For distance greater than 50’ please call.

Heads Up Lock Components

Wired version – For deadbolt to light distance less than 50 ft.